Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MPDisplay Poem: Just For Today

Just For Today

 I choose not to lay down and wait any longer 

     For things to change or come my way by chance

 I long to much for something different in life

  I admit, I'm not always right, nor often even sure

   Of all the things that could be or will be to come

  Still I realize, life isn't safe for even the surest of men

 And confidence is an asset acquired though living

  From learning and trying,  and taking chances

 Just for today, I realize time is short, a whisper !

  Of thoughts for only a moment in mind and time

 Just for today,  I have a personal decision to make

 And this decision could easily affect all my tomorrows

 Yet, it is a chance I must take for all the right reasons

Of which I can foresee at this special moment

  Then time will be the judge of all my good intentions

 Because this day,  I realize,  I can live or die

 Knowing I made a stand though choice of decisions

To not wait for a fantasy to come, but to help it be

  Or let it go,  if fate finds my best efforts not good enough

 For this day,  I understand the relationship of confidence

Though faith in a higher power, the source of all wisdom

  The Breathitt Advocate
 Trials and Tribulation Column
  written: 4/20/2010 by Floyd Jett
©All rights reserved by Author

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