Friday, September 21, 2012

MPDisplay Poem: Rodeo/Bronco drawing


Her cowboy was outside pacin'
While her mind was cold and racin'
The subject she was facin'
Was one she could NEVER win......
It was the rodeo that owned him

And it made her chances less than slim

If you've ever loved a cowboy
BEWARE! His love you will destroy
For a competitor's heart can't be beat
It spurs him on beyond love or sleep
The crowds are those who own him
The bulls, the broncs, the beating heart
All feed his needs as he plays his part

Cu' z once that chute has opened

Be it bull-ridin', broncs, or ropin'
His heart is blown wide open
From silver-tipped boots, to chaps and stetson brim,
The sun it is a-beat in,' his rope's pulled tight and he's dug in
The only music to his ears is the roar of the mighty crowd!
Just do yourself a favor, step back and try to savor
The madness that drives him on...
This could drive anybody crazy, but
 A cowboy he ain't lazy
All else to him is hazy
To live the life of a warrior
No matter what's in store!

Drawing & Poem: by Gloria Ford
Published Mountain Poets Display 09-21-12
© all rights reserved by Author/Artist

Gloria Ford is a retired and writes and draws in her spar- time from home.
She is married and cares for her 3 loving Aussies She made the vote for the "K 9" Hero  Dog
of the Year Award 20-12 in New York. This is something she takes great pride in achieving.
She is also, an activist for animal  rights. and member  of the
 Mountain Poets Display family on Facebook      

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  1. Great poem Gloria,and picture. MPDisplay wishes you all the best in what could become another career.We are also very pleased to introduce you here.