Monday, January 30, 2012

MPDisplay Poem: King On Main

King On Main

Though the glass I saw myself today

Standing on the corner of Hazard's main

In the mist of slight lightening and rain

Though cloudy and grey as the day truly was

I still looked as a king smoking a Marlboro

Could it be for a moment in time I was ?

"A King !"

No it was only visions though mind

Just wishful thoughts, same place, different time

When I was free and life seemed easy

Like words from an old Seger tune

Which say

Sometimes even now when I feel alone and beat

I drift back in time and I find my feet

Down on main street

written by Floyd Jett 02-03-08
rewritten &and published 05-20-2010
Breathitt Advocate
Trials and Tribulation Column
©All rights reserved by Author

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